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Radio Auction Raises Wildlife $$

Idaho's wildlife habitat will receive a boost from one of the most successful radio auctions ever held with Fish and Game participation. Fish and Game teamed up with the Idaho Fish and Wildlife Foundation and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation April 25 for a radio auction that was heard through most of southern Idaho. The auction raised more than $17,000, compared to the $15,870 grossed last year. The proceeds will help fund trout spawning habitat restoration, elk radio collaring for the purpose of research tracking, and better signs on Conservation Reserve Program lands. Bidders called in to the four stations carrying the auctionÑKIDO in Boise, KID in Idaho Falls, KWIK in Pocatello and KLIX in Twin FallsÑto buy 36 special trips. The adventures were offered by Fish and Game personnel and by private resorts and outfitters throughout Idaho. "We'd like to thank all the bidders for their commitment to wildlife and habitat projects. Special thanks also to everyone at KIDO radio who made this auction possible," Idaho Fish and Wildlife Foundation Executive Director Gayle Valentine said.