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Idaho Fish and Game


Potential fungal infection may have caused duck deaths near Salmon


Final lab results are pending on exact cause

While laboratory test results are pending on the dead ducks found south of Salmon, preliminary necropsies sent to the National Wildlife Health Center indicate a potential acute Aspergillosis infection, a respiratory illness caused by a fungus commonly found in soil, dead vegetation, compost piles and moldy grains.

Formal results are pending on several more tests, which may take up to two weeks to determine the exact cause of death.


While the number of dead ducks found seems to have slowed, IDFG continues to search the site, as well as surrounding areas for any additional mortality. Over 100 ducks, all mallards, have been founds since IDFG received the initial report by a concerned resident on Dec. 7. The ducks were found in a relatively small area, along an irrigation ditch just south of Salmon and nearby sloughs and ponds.

IDFG continues to recommend that hunters in the area where the ducks were found wear latex gloves when cleaning birds and avoid consuming them until the final test results are completed and released.

IDFG thanks the concerned waterfowl hunters and members of the public for their patience and those who have provided reports. For more information or to report, contact the Salmon Fish and Game office at 208-756-2271.