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Nonresidents Will Draw for Southeast Deer Tags

Nonresident deer hunters will have to be winners in a new limited-entry draw to hunt next fall in units where the southeast deer tag is required. Beginning in 2003, the Southeast Region nonresident deer season will be a limited-entry hunt with 1,200 tags available. Applicants must have a valid Idaho hunting license for the same year as the application, or submit the license fee at the time of application. Tag fee of $235 and application fee of $6.50 must also be submitted with the application. The application period is December 1, 2002 through January 31, 2003. Unsuccessful applicants will receive a refund of license and tag fees, but not the application fee. Nonresident applicants for the Unit 75, 77 and 78 muzzleloader controlled deer hunt number 1084 in 2002, will no longer be required to have a deer tag in possession in order to apply. Idaho Fish and Game Commissioners decided at their meeting in Pocatello October 3-4 not to increase the nonresident quota for the southeast deer tag. However, to make selection for the popular deer tag more equitable, hunters will be required to submit license and tag fees as well as an application fee for a drawing to be held in February. License and tag fees will be returned to those who do not draw. The tag has been selling out so quicklyÑin about five hours last timeÑthat many nonresidents have complained that the current system is not fair.