Press Release

Newly constructed Hammett access site now open to hunters and anglers

A new hunting and fishing access site has opened on the Snake River, directly south of Hammett.

Fish and Game managers recently announced the opening of the new Hammett access site, directly south of the community of Hammett. Funding for this new construction was made possible by “Price Lock” legislation that included provisions to dedicate funds to develop more hunting and fishing access sites across Idaho. New access sites will be funded using a portion of the depredation and access fee placed on all hunting and fishing licenses sold to both residents and non-residents.

The Hammett Access site was the first site developed using these dedicated access funds.

The vision, and ultimate construction of the new Hammett access site on the Snake River was a collaborative partnership between Elmore County Waterways and the Idaho Department of Fish and Game.

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Aerial view of the new Hammett access site located directly south of the town of Hammett in southern Idaho.

Users of the site will find a new concrete launch and load ramp, a large gravel parking lot that will accommodate up to 12 vehicles/boat trailers, as well as a public restroom.

Use of the site is free.

For more information, contact the Magic Valley Regional Office at (208) 324-4359.