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Moose Poached in Agency Creek

On October 6, 2002, Fish and Game received a call regarding a dead bull moose in Agency Creek. According to the caller, she and a friend had been deer hunting in the Agency Creek drainage when they came upon a bull moose lying down just off the road. They threw several rocks at the animal and when it did not react, determined that it was dead. According to the caller, the moose was still warm when they found it. Responding to the report, Conservation Officers arrived at Agency Creek and found the moose lying on its right side approximately 50 yards off the road. It had been shot twice, once in the hindquarters and once in the neck, and was still warm indicating that it had been killed within the past few hours. Forensic investigation by the officers revealed that the animal had been shot first in the hindquarters while it was standing. A blood trail showed that the moose had moved approximately ten yards from where it was first shot when it lay down and was shot again, this time in the neck. Further necropsy of the bull showed the 1_ year old animal to have been in excellent condition. The animal had been left, ungutted, where it fell. The recovery of forensic evidence at the scene as well as information collected during interviews has led to the arrest of a suspect for the illegal take of a moose, one of Idaho's trophy wildlife species. The illegal taking of any moose is considered a felony in Idaho. Furthermore, it is considered a flagrant offense, one in which the judge can revoke the violator's hunting privileges for their lifetime. Besides a permanent revocation of his hunting license, the suspect may receive a civil penalty of $10,000 and fines of as much as $50,000. He may also serve up to five years in the penitentiary. In addition, the suspect is also facing four misdemeanor counts involving an overlimit of deer that was discovered as part of this investigation.