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Limits Back on at Magic Reservoir

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game will reinstate general daily bag and possession limits on Magic Reservoir effective Friday, October 25, 2002. This is a change from the previous order to remove the bag limits until November 30, 2002. "This rule change is somewhat unusual, but we feel it will allow for a quicker recovery of the fishery with the improving water conditions" said Chuck Warren, Magic Valley Regional Fishery Biologist. This change is ordered because water conditions have improved in Magic Reservoir allowing some trout to survive the reservoir drawdown. These fish are expected to survive through the winter and into next year's fishing season. Additionally, once bag limits are reinstated, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game can resume stocking rainbow trout. Rainbow trout that were destined for several drought-impacted waters have not been stocked. These trout have been held in Idaho Fish and Game hatcheries for several months and need to be planted before winter. Most of these trout will be put into reservoirs where they will provide fishing opportunities for winter and spring anglers. Approximately 15,000 8-11 inch-long trout will be stocked into Magic Reservoir in the next couple of weeks. Other waters likely to receive extra rainbow trout include Anderson Ranch Reservoir, Mountain Home Reservoir, and Lake Walcott. There are still no bag limits on Mormon, Roseworth, Thorn Creek, Fish Creek and Little Camas Reservoirs until November 30, 2002. On December 1, 2002 these waters will also return to standard harvest limits. "It's important to remember fishing regulations return to normal in December. Overharvest violations were common last year, and citations were issued," said Doug Megargle, Regional Fishery Manager. Anglers who continue to overharvest in December are reducing next year's fishing opportunities for others.