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Last Chance to Signup For Access Yes! in 2007

Landowners interested in receiving compensation for allowing hunters and anglers on their property have until March 31 to send in their applications for the Access Yes! program.

This year, landowners can get assistance with fence repair, doing habitat projects, receive big game controlled hunt tags, or receive financial compensation for allowing public access.

"The new Access Yes! pilot program is going to be a lot more user friendly," said Steve Elam, Idaho Fish and Game staff biologist. "In the past, we have always been limited by the amount of money available; now we have several options so we can customize a program for nearly any landowner and hopefully be able to acquire more sportsmen's access to private lands."

Last year, 38 landowners enrolled 184,000 private acres in the Magic Valley Region.

"We continue to receive very positive comments from landowners, hunters and anglers about the program," Elam said.

A local, five-member committee reviews the bids submitted by landowners and recommends to Fish and Game which ones should be accepted. Fish and Game then determines which of the properties will provide the most benefit based on compensation and access priorities.

Selected properties must have Access Yes! signs and will be listed on the Internet with maps and any access restrictions.

Landowners interested in participating in the Access Yes! program should contact Steve Elam, at 324-4359.