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Irrigation Canals Open for Fish Salvage

De-watered Southwest Idaho irrigation ditches are now open to public fish salvage through December 31, 2001. Because most irrigation ditches are on private land, would-be salvagers must secure landowner permission prior to accessing these canals for fish salvage purposes. Fish that have entered the irrigation system during spring and summer are left high and dry in the fall once water flows are suspended. Rather than waste them, Fish and Game encourages the public to salvage these fish for consumption. Persons engaging in fish salvage in area canals and ditches must hold a valid fishing license. Legal methods of fish salvage are rod and reel, snagging, spearing, archery, dip net, seines and with bare hands. The use of toxic chemicals, explosives, firearms or electric current is prohibited. Salvage fish may be taken without regard for bag, possession or size limits. Fish must be killed prior to transport from the collection site. For more information, contact Fish and Game's Nampa office at 465-8465.