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Hunters Near Orofino Urged To Use Extra Caution

With archery season in progress and several big game rifle depredation hunts underway near Orofino, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game is encouraging hunters to use extra caution when in the field. The rifle depredation hunts for anterless elk and antlerless deer are being conducted in Unit 11A from September 6 to September 16, 2001. The purpose is to help prevent crop damage to several landowner's properties. The antlerless elk depredation hunt will be in the vicinity of T35N, R1E, Section 2, off of Hansen Road, south of Orofino, and west of State Highway 7. The antlerless deer depredation hunt will be in the vicinity of T36N, R1E, Sections 14, 23 and T36N, R2E, Sections 19 and 30, south of Orofino, west and east of State Highway 7. Hunters are required to obtain landowner permission before hunting on private property. Hunters can also contact IDFG at 799-5010 if they have questions concerning the depredation hunt boundaries.