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Hunters Must Report on Deer, Elk and Antelope

The "mandatory report" system for tracking hunter participation and harvest is back for 2001. Deer, elk and antelope hunters are issued a report form with each tag and must submit the completed form within 10 days of harvest, or of the end of the season for which their tag was valid. This year, hunters can report by mailing the form to Hunter Harvest Reports,P.O. Box 70007, Boise, ID 83707-0107, or on the Fish and Game Internet website at Look under "Hunting" then "Programs and Information." Reports can also be faxed to 775-423-0799 or phoned in to 877-268-9365. The report this year is required of both successful and unsuccessful hunters for deer, elk and antelope. Anyone who bought one of these tags must report, even if they did not hunt. Added information requested this year includes how many days you hunted and in what units (up to three). Days hunted will be divided into how many were in any-weapon seasons, how many in archery and muzzleloader only seasons. Idaho Fish and Game big game manager Jim Unsworth said the improved report "will be a big help in gathering the information needed to rate success and time in the field. It will give us more information to manage Idaho's wildlife. Early reporting is encouraged, since a license for the following year will not be issued until the report is received. Early reporting has other benefits, too. Every hunter who files the report within 10 days of harvest or 10 days of the end of the season for which their tag was valid, will be entered into a drawing for one of 10 supertags. Winners will still have to buy their tag, but it will be valid for any open deer, elk or antelope (the hunter picks which) hunt in the state. Supertag holders can go from hunt to hunt until they take an animal of the chosen species. They need to pick which species they want to hunt by May 1, so that they can apply in the controlled hunt drawings for the others.