Press Release

How to contact Fish and Game officers after hours

Dispatchers can reach multiple officers at once on the radio

With many of Idaho’s hunting seasons in progress, the Idaho Fish and Game reminds people who spend time outdoors that there are several ways to contact a Fish and Game officer on weekends or outside regular business hours.

For wildlife-related emergencies or to report a violation, contact the local sheriff's office, the Idaho State Police, or your local police department. Their dispatchers will route pertinent information quickly and efficiently to officers in the field by radio.

Another option is a call to the Citizens Against Poaching (CAP) hotline at 1-800-632-5999, which is staffed around the clock during the hunting season. CAP dispatchers will quickly contact the appropriate officer, officer's supervisor, or adjacent officer until they reach someone.

“The more detailed information you provide and the quicker you report it, the more likely a violator may get caught,” said Fish and Game Enforcement Chief Greg Wooten.

The process is quick and simple, and callers can remain anonymous. Callers are encouraged to leave a call back number so officers can obtain additional information if needed. Rewards are paid if the information supplied is sufficient for a citation to be issued.

“License plate numbers are extremely useful as well as specific information such as exact location and time,” said Wooten.

The CAP number is printed on the back of all licenses and tags, as well as in all the season and rule brochures. Some enter the CAP hotline into their cell phone so they don't have to look for the phone number.

A dispatcher, either through the local sheriff’s department, the state police, or the CAP hotline has the ability to reach multiple officers at once on the radio. These dispatchers are true professionals at routing calls quickly and efficiently to the appropriate officers in the field.