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Hound Hunting Rules Changed

Meeting in Stanley July 13, the Idaho Fish and Game Commission changed the rules for hound hunting, making it possible to accompany a hunter without having to have a hunting license. The change is effective immediately. Previously, anyone who accompanied a hunter using hounds was required to have a hunting license. Commissioner Don Clower of Meridian proposed the change saying the rule did not make sense because " someone walks along with me while my two pointers hunt pheasants, they don't need a license. Why should someone walking along with me while my hounds hunt a bear need a license?" The commission voted unanimously to approve the change. A hound hunter permit is required for the person controlling the hounds or anyone who harvests a bear or mountain lion that was pursued by hounds. Clients of licensed outfitters who have a hound hunting permit are not required to have a separate permit. There is a quota on nonresident hound hunter permits and the year 2000 permits are already sold. There is no quota on resident permits.