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Hatchery highlights for September: Notable fish stockings around the state

Here are some highlights beyond the routine fish stocking going on statewide

Idaho Fish and Game produces over 30 million fish annually at its hatcheries, and stocks them into waters throughout the state every year, providing Idahoans with fishing opportunities for a variety of species.

With so many fish stocked in so many places, it can be hard for anglers to sift through the stocking forecasts and records to identify noteworthy stocking events. To make it easier, we asked Fish and Game hatchery staff to highlight some stocking events for the month of September.

Whether it is a large number of fish being stocked relative to the size of the water, a unique species, a new location, or a one-time-only stocking, we asked them to point out events anglers would be interested in knowing about. Here’s what they came up with:

September 2019 Fish Stocking Highlights

Panhandle Region

Avondale Lake – 1,620 Rainbow Trout. Access to Avondale Lake is courtesy of the Avondale Golf Course.

Fernan Lake – 6,000 Rainbow Trout. A popular fishing spot 10 minutes from downtown Coeur d'Alene, anglers of all abilities can enjoy fishing from floating docks, miles of shoreline or from boats.

Post Falls Park Pond – 1,000 Rainbow Trout. This park offers a great fishing spot for kids and anglers with special needs. Anglers can easily fish the small pond from the shore, a fishing bridge or fishing platforms.

Clearwater Region

Campbells Pond – 1,500 Rainbow Trout. This is a scenic forest pond where anglers can expect solid catch rates. Good fishing can be had from the bank with several docks, including one handicap-accessible dock.

Southwest Region (Nampa)

Boise River, Strawberry Glen to Barber Dam – 2,160 rainbow trout

Boise River, Middleton to Eagle Road – 2,160 rainbow trout

The Boise River offers miles of fishing in one of the finest urban trout rivers in the country!

Lowman Ponds – 600 Rainbow Trout. Enjoy good mountain fishing along the South Fork Payette River.

McDevitt Pond 900 Rainbow Trout. Located in west Boise's McDevitt Sports Park, this small neighborhood pond offers easily accessible fishing to catch tasty trout for dinner.

Riverside Pond – 720 Rainbow Trout. A quiet neighborhood pond right off the Boise Greenbelt, this pond is tucked into the trees off Glenwood Rd. and offers good bank fishing and a large fishing dock

Southwest Region (McCall)

Horsethief Reservoir – 7,500 Rainbow Trout. This reservoir has everything for a memorable fishing weekend - a beautiful lake in the trees, good fishing and camping.

Ol’ McDonald Pond – 500 Rainbow Trout. This small community pond in Council offers easy access. It's a great place to practice casting and pick up a rainbow for dinner.

Magic Valley Region

Dierkes Lake – 4,500 Rainbow Trout. This pond is conveniently located inside Shoshone Falls Park near Twin Falls. This scenic county park also features hiking, fishing docks and picnic areas.

Salmon Falls Creek Reservoir – 13,000 Rainbow Trout. A short drive south of Twin Falls, this large reservoir in Idaho's high desert provides tons of fishing options with boat ramps and long shorelines.

Southeast Region

Bear River (Oneida Narrows reach below the dam) – 2,250 Rainbow Trout. A very scenic stretch of river just north of Preston.

Crowthers Reservoir – 1,100 Rainbow Trout. Tucked away on the northern edge of Malad City, this reservoir is a nice local fishing spot.

Devil Creek Reservoir – 5,150 Rainbow Trout. This reservoir provides some of the best trout fishing in the region.

Edson Fichter Pond – 1,000 Rainbow Trout. During the September stocking events, 250 of these fish will be huge 16-inch rainbows! Just minutes from downtown Pocatello, this site offers local anglers a convenient escape close to home.

Upper Snake Region

Gem Lake – 3,000 Rainbow Trout. Conveniently located near Idaho Falls at the Gem Lake Recreation Area.

Salmon Region

Hayden Creek Pond – 1,000 Rainbow Trout. A family friendly fishing area where anglers will find ample bank fishing opportunities.

Blue Mountain Meadow Pond – 300 Rainbow Trout. This park-like pond is easy to access and overlooks the golf course in Challis. Kids will enjoy fishing from the banks and having a picnic.