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Fish stocking continues statewide, and here are some highlights for August

Summer stocking continues in waters around the state

Idaho Fish and Game has continued stocking fish during COVID-19, and despite this being an abnormal year, most of Idaho's angling opportunities remain unchanged. Here's a sampling of some places that will get generous trout stockings during August.

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Photo by Vicky Osborn/Idaho Fish and Game

To see more about what waters have been stocked, go our the Fish Stocking webpage. 


Panhandle Region


Elsie Lake – 900 Rainbow Trout. Offering excellent fishing for anglers of all levels, you will also find a beautiful setting. It's a drive-to mountain lake but the road is mountainous and rough.

Gene Day Pond – 1,000 Rainbow Trout. Located in the west end of Gene Day Park in Osburn, this easy access pond offers good fishing opportunity.


Clearwater Region


Karolyns Pond – 800 Rainbow Trout. This pretty pond has grassy banks and a dock for fishing. It's small enough that an angler can cast to any part of the pond from shore. Rainbow trout stocking from spring through summer means high catch rates! There is a Forest Service campground a bit further up Red River Road if you also want to do some camping with the family.


Southwest Region 


Boise River (Strawberry Glen to Barber Dam) – 2,880 Rainbow Trout

Boise River (Middleton to Eagle Road) – 1,440 Rainbow Trout. The Boise River offers miles of fishing in one of the finest urban trout rivers in the country!

Lowman Ponds – 600 Rainbow Trout. Enjoy good mountain fishing along the South Fork Payette River, where diverted water from Richards Creek keeps the ponds cool through the summer. Stocked trout thrive in this clean water and take advantage of abundant damsel flies.

Marsing Pond – 450 Rainbow Trout. This pond is located within a city park. Take the whole family and some lunch and enjoy shady picnic areas alongside the Snake River.

South Fork Payette River – 3,500 Rainbow Trout. Stocking locations include: Mountain View Campground, near the fire station at Jolene Drive, Helende Campground, 10 mile Bridge (immediately adjacent to Lowman Ponds), and near Grandjean.


Southwest Region (McCall area)


Browns Pond (Airport Pond) – 500 Rainbow Trout. This small pond offers easy access to fishing on the southern edge of the McCall airport and is hidden from the road.

Northwest Passage Pond – 750 Rainbow Trout. This pond offers easy access and convenient facilities. Within the Northwest Passage Campground, the pond is situated along the river just north of Payette Lake.


Magic Valley Region


Big Wood River – 1,900 Rainbow Trout.

Freedom Park Pond – 450 Rainbow Trout.

Hagerman WMA Oster Lake #1 – 1,360 Rainbow Trout. Hagerman Wildlife Management Area provides a variety of fishing opportunities and open space to explore. Oster Lake #1 is located to the southeast via Hagerman National Hatchery Road and offers ADA access piers.


Southeast Region


Bloomington Creek – 200 Rainbow Trout. This lovely little creek offers fun fly fishing or spinner fishing opportunities. While you’re there, take some time to hike about one mile into picturesque Bloomington Lake.

Montpelier Creek – 1,000 Rainbow Trout. Enjoy good creek fishing and a variety of camping options.


Upper Snake Region


Birch Creek – 1,350 Rainbow Trout. A productive spring creek in a high desert basin, this small stream is ideal for kids and less experienced anglers. Rainbow trout are stocked heavily around access areas.

Henrys Fork – 9,000 Rainbow Trout. World Famous for trout fishing! The river is suitable for wade fishing, bank fishing and fishing from a boat.

Stoddard Mill Pond – 500 Rainbow Trout. Located in Island Park, this small pond offers exciting fishing opportunity for all ages.


Salmon Region


Blue Mountain Meadow Pond – 300 Rainbow Trout. This park-like pond is easy to access and overlooks the golf course in Challis. Kids will enjoy fishing from the banks and having a picnic in one of the two gazebos.

Meadow Lake – 2,000 Rainbow Trout. At over 9,100 feet in elevation, this is the highest mountain lake you can drive to in this region. The snow-melt lake is a beautiful setting for a fishing and camping weekend with unique wildlife viewing opportunities. A Forest Service campground next to the lake offers a stunning view of the surrounding Lemhi Mountains.

Salmon River (Section 6) – 400 Rainbow Trout. Fish are stocked between Sunbeam Hot Springs and Lower Stanley.

Salmon River (Section 7) – 400 Rainbow Trout. Fish are stocked between Stanley and Sunny Gulch Campground.

Salmon River (Section 8) – 800 Rainbow Trout. Fish are stocked between Buckhorn Bridge and Decker Flats.


See more about Fish and Game's trout stocking program: