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Idaho Fish and Game


Fish salvage order issued for the Big Wood River below Magic Dam and Richfield Canal diversion


Fish and Game Commission issues orders for a fish salvage on the Big Wood River and Richfield canal below Magic Dam

The Big Wood Canal Company recently notified Fish and Game that they would soon close the gates at Magic Dam leading to substantial flow reductions or cessation of flow which functionally de-waters the Big Wood River approximately 1.25 miles below the dam and the Richfield Canal. The gates are closing earlier than normal due to ongoing regional drought conditions in the Big Wood River basin.

Effective July 28, 2022 and continuing until October 1, 2022, the Idaho Fish and Game Commission has ordered that bag and possession limits be removed on portions of the Big Wood River below the dam, from a point beginning at the railroad trestle, approximately 1.25 miles downstream of the dam, extending to the State Highway 75 Bridge. The order also includes the Richfield Canal from the upstream point of diversion from the Big Wood River to its confluence with the Little Wood River near Richfield, Idaho. 

The fish salvage order does not include the reservoir waters behind Magic Dam.

The Big Wood River immediately below Magic Dam extending down to the railroad trestle (roughly 1.25 miles below) is not included in the salvage order since the river has several springs that provide enough water to support fish populations.

Anglers are reminded that some areas of the Richfield Canal may be on private property. Permission must be obtained from the private landowner prior to fishing in these areas. 

A valid 2022 fishing license is required to salvage fish. 

Fish may be taken by any method, except by firearms, explosives, chemicals or electric current effective July 28, 2022 through October 1, 2022.   

If you have questions contact the Magic Valley Regional Office at (208) 324-4359.