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Idaho Fish and Game

Fish Limits Removed On More Waters

As the water situation worsens around the region, irrigation companies are advising the Idaho Department of Fish and Game (Department) of possible total drawdowns at certain reservoirs. In order to allow the public to take advantage of this situation, and take fish that might otherwise die, the Fish and Game Commission has directed the Department to lift bag, possession and size limits on all fish species in the following waters: Mormon Reservoir in Camas County; Oakley (Lower Goose Creek) Reservoir in Cassia County; Roseworth (Cedar Creek) Reservoir in Twin Falls County; the Big Wood River from the District Canal diversion in Bellevue downstream to the Highway 20 bridge at Stanton Crossing. This new order is effective Saturday, June 30, 2001 and remains in effect through November 30, 2001. Waters where bag, possession and size limits have already been lifted, but fish must still be taken with rod and reel, include Magic Reservoir, Fish Creek Reservoir (and Fish Creek below the dam), Thorn Creek Reservoir, and Lava Lake. These waters may hold some fish through the year, but populations will need to be reduced for the remaining fish to survive. If conditions become extreme, the Department will consider additional salvage methods.