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Fish Limits Reinstated at Mountain Home Reservoir

By order of the Department of Fish and Game, fish bag, possession and size limits, together with normal fishing rules at Mt. Home Reservoir have been reinstated effective at midnight, Friday, September 15. That means normal bag and possession limits apply, as does standard method of take, i.e. fishing with hook and line only. The limits were suspended in early August after Fish and Game was notified by the Mountain Home Irrigation District that no water would remain in the reservoir by summer's end. "We've since been informed by the Irrigation District that more water will remain this fall than originally predicted," Fish and Game regional fisheries manager Dale Allen noted. "It now appears that enough water will remain in the reservoir to allow resident fish to survive the winter in good shape." The salvage order - in effect for five weeks - had minimal impact on the reservoir's fish. "Fish populations were not drastically reduced during the salvage period," Allen said. "In fact, the modest reduction in fish numbers will help insure the survival of those fish remaining in the smaller reservoir pool." For more information, contact Dale Allen at the Fish and Game Nampa office, 465-8465.