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Fish & Game Commission Calendar for 2001

January 18-19 Annual Meeting Public Hearing January 17 Boise Rules: Nonbiological for all big game animals; biological for moose, sheep, and goat (biennial). Fish Management Plan 2001-2005 March 15-16 Special Meeting Public Hearing March 14 Boise Legislative update; Budget direction (pending legislative action) Rules: Deer, elk, antelope, bear, mountain lion. April 5-6 Quarterly Meeting Public Hearing April 4 Coeur d' Alene FY03Budget direction May 17-18 Special Meeting Public Hearing May 16 Kelly Creek FY02 Budget approval Rules: Chinook salmon; dove, upland game birds, upland game animals, falconry and furbearers (biennial); September goose seasons, sandhill crane seasons. July 10 -11 Quarterly Meeting Public Hearing July 9 Twin Falls Consider release of bighorn sheep tags for auction and lottery; Commission direction on the expenditure of Animal Damage Control Funds, Legislative proposals. August 9 - 10 Special Meeting Public Hearing August 8 Driggs Rules: Migratory game birds (waterfowl seasons and limits for firearms and falconry) FY03 Budget request; Appoint Commission representative to WAFWA. October 1 - 2 Quarterly Meeting Public Hearing October 1 Preston or Soda Springs Rules: Game Fish (biennial); nonresident deer and elk tag quotas; nonresident deer and elk tag outfitter set-aside. November 29 - 30 Special Meeting Public Hearing November 28 Boise Rules: Wild turkey; Ratification of Rules Adopted by the Commission; Election of Commission Chair, Vice- Chair