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Fish and Game Seeks Voluneteers for Habitat Improvement

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game is recruiting volunteers to form a team of fish and wildlife habitat specialists.

Team members will be trained in riparian enhancement techniques, focused on improving streamside and wetland habitat in the Magic Valley Region.

Fish and Game hopes to work with this crew to complete at least one project in 2011 and more in future years.

"Fish and wildlife benefit tremendously from quality riparian areas," said Doug Megargle, regional fisheries manager. "Healthy fish habitat starts with a healthy riparian environment."

Regional Wildlife Habitat Manager, Mark Fleming, echoed the importance of these habitats for wildlife.

"Riparian areas are the cornerstone for wildlife in the Magic Valley," he said. "They provide necessary habitat components including food, water and cover for a large variety of species."

Several training sessions and projects will be scheduled in 2010 and 2011. Volunteers are asked to commit to at least one training session and one improvement project during that time.

Fish and Game hopes team members will be motivated to continue the program and participate in future projects as well.

Anyone interested should contact Ed Papenberg at Idaho Fish and Game, Magic Valley Region, at 208-324-4359 or by email: