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Fish and Game Disability Licensing Procedure Changed

By Viki Harber, Idaho Department of Fish and Game

Hunters and anglers who qualify for Social Security or veteran's disability may benefit from new licensing procedures at the Idaho Department of Fish and Game.

In the past, permanently disabled persons applying for hunting and fishing licenses were required to bring in a current benefit letter each year from the Social Security Administration or, if a disabled veteran, an official letter from the Veteran's Administration stating they are permanently disabled.

This was a tedious procedure for them to go through each year, especially when the person was known to be permanently disabled.

Under new procedures, a person who brings in the current disability statement or current benefits letter will be able to purchase a disabled license each year for five years without having to verify their status annually. This would be considered temporary disability in the Fish and Game database.

Those who are permanently disabled may obtain a certification of permanent disability form from Fish and Game. If they meet the criteria as defined in Idaho Code and commission rules, and have their doctor complete and sign the form stating permanent disability, the information will be entered in the Fish Game license database, and the licensee will retain permanent disability status when purchasing future licenses.

The license itself must be purchased annually.

Before this year, all those wishing to purchase disabled licenses were required to bring current documentation to headquarters or regional offices each year. Now, once the initial paperwork is received at the headquarters or a regional office and the information is transferred to the Fish and Game database, they will be able to purchase the disabled license from any Fish and Game office or vendor when they show proof of residency.

Viki Harber is the administrative assistant in the Salmon Region.