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Fish and Game Announces New Revenue Proposal

Idaho Fish and Game is seeking a proposed revenue increase, and details are available online.

If approved by the Legislature, the proposal would increase revenues by almost $7 million annually. Most of the increased revenue would go to maintain current programs. About 20 percent would go to improving access on wildlife management areas, building new community family fishing ponds and increasing hatchery capacity.

Fish and Game revenues have not kept up with public expectations and demands of the hunters and anglers. For example, fuel costs have gone up 58 percent and state mandated employee costs have gone up 17 percent since the last fee increase four years ago.

Idaho Fish and Game is asking for a revenue increase that recognizes some hunting and fishing opportunities are worth more than others. As such, the proposed "differential fee increase" would raise tag fees for antlered elk and deer and for salmon and steelhead while keeping prices lower for general licenses and permits.

The cost of a resident combination hunting-fishing license would go up about $3.50.

For details about the proposal visit the Fish and Game Web site at To view a short video go to