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Find Nearby Family Friendly Fishing Waters

Want to know good places to take a youngster fishing? Need directions on how to get there? What kind of fish will you find? Need some tips to make your first fishing trip a success? Each of the Idaho Department of Fish and Game's seven regions across the state has a brochure to answer your questions and get you and your family started on the road to fishing. Family Fishing Waters are great places to take the family fishing. They are easy to access and have plenty of fish to catch. To find local Family Fishing Waters go to: Family Fishing Waters are open year round with simplified rules to provide family-oriented fishing opportunities. These are 79 user-friendly waters, selected to provide a great fishing trip for families, children and first-time anglers. The simplified rules include a limit of six trout and bass, no limit on other species or on length and standard fishing gear. For details on specific locations or your favorite fishing hole, check with local Fish and Game offices or the fishing brochure available free at license vendors, or visit the Fish and Game Website at: Anglers, to avoid the last minute rush, don't forget to buy a fishing license before the Fourth of July weekend. A regular fishing license costs $25.75 and a junior license costs $13.75. Everyone age 14 or older must have fishing license. Don't forget to ask permission to cross or fish from private land. And be careful of fast-moving waters - don't wade out into fast-moving water.