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F&G offices will only take debit cards and checks starting March 30

F&G officials recommend buying online, which allows 24/7 access and the option of using a credit card

As part of an effort to reduce the spread of Covid-19 in our community while also continuing license, tag and permit sales, Fish and Game offices will no longer accept cash payments starting March 30. 

Only debit cards and checks will be accepted at Fish and Game offices. As a reminder, F&G offices do not accept credit cards, nor have they in the past. 

Fish and Game officials are encouraging people to buy licenses, tags and permits online, as well as apply for controlled hunts online. Online buying allows people the option of using a credit card, and offers 24/7 access from the convenience of a computer. People can also buy licenses and tags by phone with a credit or debit card by calling (800) 554-8685.

If people do not have an online account, follow this tutorial to quickly learn how to set up one and buy online.



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