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Fees Changed for Trophy Species Drawing

Due to the recent Legislative approval of a Fish and Game fee increase package, prices for the upcoming application period for moose, goat, and sheep hunts will increase to the new fee levels. The change comes because the legislation goes into effect May 1, and the tags and permits will be issued and sold after the drawing in late May. Because the tags and permits are not actually issued and sold until after the new fees are effective, the applicants must send in the amount that will be necessary to buy the tag and permit when the successful person is drawn. The application price for residents is $164.50, up from $69.50; and for nonresidents $1514.50, up from $909.50. Hunters who submit applications based on the previous fees will receive a letter asking them to submit the remainder in order to stay in the drawing. Unsuccessful applicants will receive a refund of all but the $6.50 application fee. A news release dated March 31 used the old fees.