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Idaho Fish and Game

Economics of Idaho's Hunting & Fishing

JEROME - One of the top economic boosters for IdahoƄ's economy is hunting and fishing sports, with the two outdoor activities bringing in $1,217,425,983 in 2001. Idaho potatoes bring in roughly $2.5 billion, according to the Idaho Potato Commission Website, at That makes up 15 percent of Idaho's gross state product. Hunting and fishing contributes nearly 7 percent, with its $1.2 billion a year. Here is a breakdown of the two activities and were the money comes from. Retail sales - Hunting contributes $319,067,286, with fishing making bring in $409,453,451. Wages and Salaries - Hunting produces $125,790,189 and fishing $157,402,757. Jobs - Fishing provides 7,773 jobs, with hunting adding an additional 6,197. Sales/fuel tax - Hunting $17,676,032 and fishing $22,889,647. Idaho Income Tax - Fishing $6,846,807 and hunting $4,063,023. Federal Income Tax - Hunting $12,687,394 and fishing $15,856,844.