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Discover Idaho's Natural Heritage

Discover Idaho's Natural Heritage at the MK Nature Center. Together for the first time, three traveling exhibits from the Natural Heritage Center at Idaho State University will be on display from February 15 through May 31.

Each of these displays offers photographs, graphic images, specimens, and an interactive computer kiosk, which enables visitors to examine Idaho's natural resources, habitat areas, and the animal species living within the borders of this state.

"Understanding the Work of Nature" focuses on Idaho's diverse landscape. Take a virtual hike to the top of Idaho's tallest peak, Mount Borah, examining the different habitats, and the plants and animals at each elevation.

"Appreciating Nature's Services" examines how plants and animals provide human communities with many different types of resources, from medicines to outdoor recreation opportunities.

"Conserving the Diversity of Life" explores how people can build a community and still be responsible caretakers of the land through careful planning. New and protected wetlands as well as wastewater treatment facilities help improve the quality of water, which sustains all life.

Visit these exhibits at the MK Nature Center, 600 South Walnut, Boise, from February 15 through May 31. For further information on the displays, visit the Natural Heritage Center website at