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Idaho Fish and Game

Commission Sets Refund Process,Tag Exchanges

The Idaho Fish and Game Commission has established a process for hunting license and tag rain checks, refunds, or exchanges for areas closed due to fire. Hunters who have purchased tags and who can show in good faith that they intended to hunt in an area closed by the land managing agency to all recreational activity will be eligible for a refund or exchange. Requests need to be submitted by October 1, 2000. (see the basic rules for the application process after species information.) Exchange: A deer or elk tag may be exchanged for one in another area or zone, as long as tags for that zone are available. Exchanges will only be done at Fish and Game offices, or by mail. Refund: Refunds will be processed at the Fish and Game headquarters office, Licenses Section, P.O. Box 25, Boise, ID 83707. Requests for refunds should be made on a form which Fish and Game will make available at offices and on the agency website, or in a personal letter. Rain Check: Hunters who want to come back in the same hunt next year should mail their license and/or tag in with a letter to that effect. If the license will be used for another hunt such as upland birds, or if the hunter will hunt deer this year but is closed out of his elk zone, only the elk tag may be refunded or held for next year. Those who have a controlled hunt permit for elk or deer where the area is closed to all recreational use are eligible for a refund of the license, permit, and tag fees. If a hunter will be using the license to hunt other species, only the permit and tag fees will be refunded. Holders of deer or elk controlled hunt permits who choose a rain check for a 2001 season permit may purchase a general hunt tag and hunt in 2000. The hunting license fee will not be refunded or exchanged for those persons exercising this option. They would have to buy a 2001 license to claim and use the rain-checked tag. The controlled hunt permit holder may mail or bring in the permit and tag to obtain a rain check for the same hunt next year, or exchange it for a general-season tag in the zone or area of their choice, as long as tags are available. Application and permit fees will be refunded for those hunters seeking a controlled hunt refund. Hunters who ask for a refund of a controlled hunt permit or exchange for a general season will not be required to stay out of the controlled hunt drawing next year, as would normally be the case.