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Commission to Meet January 29-30

The Idaho Fish and Game Commission will meet Tuesday, January 29 at Fish and Game headquarters, 600 South Walnut in Boise. The meeting will convene at 1:30 p.m. and is expected to continue at 8:00 a.m. January 30.

The commission is meeting to review a new draft of the Yellowstone Grizzly Bear Delisting Plan. The plan, which must be in place if grizzly bears in the Yellowstone Ecosystem are to be removed from the endangered species list, requires legislative approval. The commission considered an earlier draft at its December meeting, but sent it back to the Yellowstone Grizzly Bear Delisting Advisory Committee for changes.

The commission will also hear a recommendation by representatives of the Idaho Fish and Wildlife Advisory Committee to include goats in the definition of livestock in Idaho Code so that depredation claims could be filed for goats killed by bears or mountain lions.