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CO Nominated for Safari Award

Bill London, Fish and Game conservation officer in the Horseshoe Bend area, has been named the next Shikar Safari International "Wildlife Officer of the Year" award. London was nominated by Fish and Game Assistant Director Jerry Mallet. The officer has been with the department since 1986. Mallet cited London's outstanding record in wildlife enforcement, noting his 246 violation investigations in 1998 and ability to make cases in violations up to two years old. London was also cited for his efforts in wildlife education, teaching 28 classes from kindergarten to high school last year. His classes in elk management were mentioned as being particularly well received. In addition, London provides instruction in wildlife laws to Forest Service and local law enforcement as well as teaching nonenforcement Fish and Game personnel on "how to be a good witness." He serves as one of the department's field training officers for new conservation officers. Mallet noted London's "excellent rapport" with the community of Horseshoe Bend and his efforts in involving the community in projects to improve fish habitat as well as building a picnic and recreation area at Horseshoe Bend Mill Pond.