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Clearwater Region Highlights of 2020: Moose Creek reservoir vegetation removal shows positive results

Water levels at Moose Creek Reservoir were drawn down in an attempt to reduce the amount of vegetation around the docks and shoreline. The hope was this would make fishing and boating more accessible for anglers. Surveys this summer of 2020 were promising, as vegetation covered much less of the reservoir, especially in shallow area. We will continue to monitor the effects of this drawdown. Our hope is that the drawdown will provide several years of less vegetation and improved fishing. If successful, we will consider using the drawdown every few years instead of more costly options such as herbicides or dredging.

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IDFG-R. Hand

Moose Creek Reservoir  (before drawdown)


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IDFG- R. Hand

Moose Creek Reservoir (post drawdown -notice dried vegetation on banks of reservoir)

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Full reservoir levels and less vegetation produces happy anglers

Updates will be provided as this project progresses.  Contact the Clearwater regional office for more information (208) 799-5010.