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Chinook Come to Boise River

Anglers can enjoy fishing for hatchery chinook again in downtown Boise. The season on hatchery chinook salmon in the Boise River began June 29 and will run through September 3. Fishing is allowed 24 hours per day in the Boise River. A valid fishing license and salmon permit must be in possession when fishing. Limits are two per day and six in possession. Barbless hooks are not required for chinook fishing on the Boise River because the river no longer has any wild fish. The Commission also increased the statewide season limit on hatchery salmon to 40, if the angler purchases a second salmon permit. Fish and Game moved 502 fish from the Rapid River hatchery to the Boise, releasing them in locations from the Glenwood Bridge to Barber Dam. Six salmon were placed into the Nature Center at Fish and Game headquarters so the public can enjoy watching them in the viewing windows there. Releases took place prior to the opening in order to avoid the Boise River Festival. Some are being released in the Little Salmon River to give a boost to that ongoing salmon season. Some are also released in historic habitat to spawn naturally. To date about 3,700 hatchery chinook salmon have returned to Rapid River hatchery, but only 3,000 are needed for the hatchery program. The hatchery was built by Idaho Power Company to mitigate for natural salmon runs eliminated when the Hells Canyon hydropower dam complex was built.