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Big Lost Access Given to Fish and Game

Access to the Big Lost River and a permanent piece of open space has come in the form of a gift to Fish and Game from Senator Clint Stennett. Senator Stennett, Ketchum, and the Wood River Land Trust transferred a 0.7-acre piece of Custer County located along the Big Lost River south of the Mackay dam on August 27. The property was transferred first by the senator to the land trust to be preserved in perpetuity for its open space value and to provide public access to the river for fishing and recreation. The land trust has transferred the property to Fish and Game for future ownership and continued management. Fish and Game is now in the process of studying the site and creating a design plan for parking, signs, and other improvements. An official presentation at the site is tentatively set for Memorial Day 2002, the opening of fishing season. The event will include Senator Stennett, the Wood River Land Trust, and Fish and Game. The Stennett property will provide the second public access point south of Mackay Reservoir. For directions and location, contact Scott Boettger at the Wood River Land Trust (208-788-3947) or Tom Parker at the Idaho Department of Fish and Game (208-334-2920).