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Big Game Public Meetings Planned

For more information contact Jim Hayden, 769-1414

The Department of Fish and Game will be holding a series of public meetings January 31 - February 4 to review current big game data and solicit input on proposals for the 2002 hunting seasons. "Conservative seasons are working to build elk populations" notes Jim Hayden, Regional Wildlife Manager in Coeur d'Alene. "We're also seeing deer numbers growing and some nice bucks were taken last fall."

A three-year study of bears in the Panhandle confirmed that bear densities decreased after the huckleberry failure of 1999, and have since stabilized. Having peaked in 1997, the mountain lion harvest has since dropped, reflecting decreasing lion numbers.

The Department's proposal is for a continuation of the current seasons for elk, deer, bear, and lion seasons in 2002. Department biologists will be on hand at four public meetings held in the Panhandle to review data, answer questions, and gather public input. All input will be given to the Fish and Game Commission, which will set the 2002 seasons during their March meeting.

The public is invited to attend the meeting of their choice, each held at 7 PM.


January 31

Wildlife Building

Bonner County Fairgrounds

Coeur d'Alene

February 4

Lake City High School Auditorium


January 31

Avista Building

120 North Hill Street

St. Maries

February 4

Avista Building

528 College