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Q. Can I fish the Oregon side of Brownlee, or put in my boat on the Oregon side, if I only have Idaho fishing and boat licenses? A. You can put in your boat anywhere, regardless of what state's license is on it, the trailer, or your vehicle. With your Idaho fishing license you can fish from the shore on the Idaho side, or any of the water from a boat, except sloughs and tributaries on the Oregon side. The Powder River inlet on the Oregon side is an example of a tributary that requires an Oregon license. These rules apply anywhere on the Snake River between Idaho, Oregon and Washington. An Oregon or Washington license holder has the same rights and restrictions on the Idaho side. You can only keep the limit of fish allowed by one license, even if you have licenses for more than one state. There is a short segment of the Snake upstream of its confluence with the Boise River that is entirely within Oregon. On that stretch of the river, an Oregon license is required.