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Idaho Fish and Game

Plague Safety


You can great reduce your risk of becoming infected with plague by taking simple precautions.

Avoid contact with wild rodents and their fleas, including do not feed rodents and never handle sick or dead rodents!

Health officials recommend:

  • Keep your pets from roaming and hunting ground squirrels in the desert south of Boise.
  • Talk to your veterinarian about using an appropriate flea control product on pets as not all products are safe for cats, dogs, or children.
  • Clean up areas near the house where rodents could live, such as woodpiles, brush piles, junk and abandoned vehicles.
  • Sick pets should be examined promptly by a veterinarian, especially if they may have had contact with sick or dead rodents in the desert south of Boise
  • See your doctor about any unexplained illness involving a sudden and severe fever.
  • Put hay, wood, and compost piles as far as possible from your home.
  • Don’t leave pet food and water where rodents or other wild animals can access it.
  1. If you find multiple dead mammals, you should:
  2. Report the Sighting Report the sighting
  3. Vacate the area! Avoid exposure to fleas and do not handle dead wild animals.