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Idaho Fish and Game


High Desert Chapter

Thank you for your interest in the Idaho Master Naturalist High Desert (IMN HD) Chapter, Pocatello. We look forward to meeting you.

The High Desert Chapter exists to provide a community for volunteer nature enthusiasts throughout southeast Idaho. Our focus is to better understand and preserve the natural wonders that abound in our region. The High Desert Chapter of the Idaho Master Naturalist Program is sponsored by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game with local partners that support our chapter. Local partners include: Sagebrush Steppe Land Trust, City of Pocatello, USFS, BLM, and Zoo Idaho. Several of our education presenters are researchers at Idaho State University and from the Idaho Museum of Natural History.

Important details for prospective members who will be new in 2024:

  • Using a computer and having an email is essential for this program. Most communications are sent through email.
  • For certification in the program, prospective new members must attend 40 hours of education and donate 40 hours of volunteer service toward authorized conservation projects by December 31, 2024. Classes and volunteer opportunities are provided through the IMN HD chapter.
  • Classes may be held online, or in person, and are generally scheduled on Thursday evenings starting at 7 PM but other dates and times could occur. Our first class is scheduled for Late January 2024.
  • Lifetime cost of participation is $80 at registration. $20 is refunded upon successful completion of the program.
  • If interested in joining our community, please provide your contact information that we can use to send chapter details to you. Providing contact information does not obligate you in any way. Your contact information will not be shared outside the IMN organization.

Get to know members of the High Desert Chapter. If you have questions, please contact Paul Allen, IMN HD Chair, 208-241-5265.