About the Eagle Fish Health Lab

What we do

The Eagle Fish Health Laboratory provides comprehensive, responsive fish health services to Idaho Fish and Game and its partners for the management of Idaho’s fisheries resources. We are leaders in the fish health community and work to predict and prepare for diseases that threaten fish in our hatcheries and in Idaho waters.

Through the development of biosecurity measures and risk management strategies for Idaho hatcheries, the Laboratory works to stop diseases before they start.

  • Surveillance and diagnostic testing, involving a variety of established and emerging laboratory techniques, allow us to rapidly detect and respond to a wide variety of disease-causing agents.
  • When prevention isn’t enough, we provide guidance related to legal and judicious use of aquatic animal drugs.
  • We also conduct research to ensure the medicine chest is well-stocked with safe, effective medications and to develop new ways keep fish healthy and thriving.

For more than 30 years, our forward-thinking approach to fish health management has contributed to successful hatchery operations in Idaho. Want to learn more? Contact us at the Eagle Fish Health Laboratory and keeping Idaho’s fisheries resources healthy and thriving.

Working with Brook trout
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Idaho Fish and Game


Necropsy on Kokanee salmon
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Using microscope to locate abnormal cells in fish sample
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