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Idaho Fish and Game

Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact

Idaho is a member of the interstate wildlife violators compact (IWVC) which is a cooperative collaboration of 49 states to inform each other of violator data in an effort to stop poaching across state lines. Hawaii is not a member but is in the process of joining. Through the IWVC anyone that violates a wildlife law and has their license privileges revoked in one state, whether a resident or not, will also be suspended in all member states. For example, if an Idaho resident has their license suspended in Wyoming, it can also be suspended in Idaho despite any differences in state laws. The compact also allows non-residents to be treated as residents of the suspending state meaning that the violator can accept the citation and be released on their own recognizance without needing to be arrested or posting bond money. If later the violator fails to appear or comply it can result in suspension in their home state. 

IWVC benefits conservation officers with easy access a suspect’s violations from any state all at once. This increases efficiency and allows for more time spent patrolling and enforcing wildlife laws. The IWVC can also prevent non-resident violators ignoring their citations and court dates due to the suspension being in effect in their home state as well. This compact promotes compliance and deters poaching while enhancing communication between states.