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Idaho Fish and Game

Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact

The IWVC also benefits wildlife violators, allowing non-residents to be treated as residents when being cited for wildlife violations.  Violators from non-member states must post a cash bond in the field or be arrested and booked into jail until bond can be posted.  Violators from member states can accept a citation and be released on their own recognizance.  Failing to appear for a required court appearance or comply with the terms of the citation can result in a suspension of their license privileges in their home state and the rest of the member states.

There are currently 48 member states in the IWVC and one more state in the process of joining.

Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact
Member States and Effective Dates
State Effective Date
Alabama 3/1/2010
Alaska 9/8/2008
Arizona 10/14/1991
California 1/01/2002
Colorado 2/25/1991
Connecticut 4/1/2014
Florida 9/01/2006
Georgia 6/01/2003
Idaho 3/15/1991
Illinois 7/01/2007
Indiana 10/31/2001
Iowa 8/31/2001
Kansas 11/1/2005
Kentucky 7/15/2008
Louisiana 2/01/2009
Maine 9/1/2014
Maryland 2/28/2000
Michigan 8/8/2005
Minnesota 3/01/2000
Mississippi 9/01/2007
Missouri 12/20/1999
Montana 2/3/1996
Nebraska 11/7/2017
Nevada 2/19/1991
New Hampshire 4/1/2014
New Jersey 12/1/2017
New Mexico 8/30/2001
New York 3/01/2006
North Dakota 8/15/2001
Ohio 1/01/2008
Oklahoma 9/20/2010
Oregon 2/19/1991
Pennsylvania 1/1/2011
Rhode Island 6/1/2014
South Carolina 7/1/2012
South Dakota 9/01/2004
Tennessee 11/01/2006
Texas 5/30/2010
Utah 3/01/1993
Vermont 1/1/2013
Virginia 12/1/2011
Washington 3/15/1991
West Virginia 11/23/2009
Wisconsin 4/15/2008
Wyoming 8/3/1996