License Data Breach Info

If you received a letter in the mail about a Notice of Data Breach from Active Outdoors, dated September 19, 2016, and sent pre-sorted regular mail from Austin, Texas regarding your Idaho Fish and Game licensing information, it relates to a real event. The offer for free credit monitoring and identity repair with AllClear Id is legitimate. The letter looks like this:

The choice whether to receive the credit monitoring is up to each individual. This event relates to a hack of the Texas-based company that operates license sales systems in Idaho and some other states. The hack potentially affected personal data for people who bought an Idaho Fish and Game license before July 2007. 

What happened?

A data breach apparently occurred sometime over the summer. Personal information including name, age, address, and Social Security Number were potentially accessed.

Who is potentially affected?

Idaho residents and nonresidents who started buying hunting and fishing licenses and tags before 2008.  Those who made their first license purchase after July 2007 are not at risk.

Was my information stolen?

We won’t know.  Active Networks can only confirm that it is possible.

What should I do?

You may wish to sign up for the free credit monitoring service offer with All Clear. Even if you choose not to sign up for the All Clear service, Fish and Game recommends license buyers follow the advice of the Idaho Attorney General’s office and monitor their financial accounts and credit history for any signs of suspicious activity (see below).

Whether any important personal information was obtained in the data breach, it’s a good reminder to be vigilant against identity theft. Here’s how:

The Federal Trade Commission has a website to help you learn more about identify theft and prevention at

Review your bank, credit card and debit card account statements and immediately report any suspicious activity to your bank, credit union or credit card company.

Monitor your credit reports with major credit reporting agencies such as:

Can I still buy an Idaho hunting or fishing license and tag?

Yes, they are still available at about 400 businesses statewide and also at Fish and Game offices. The computer terminals used to sell licenses and tags at businesses and Fish and Game offices are separate from the online system.

What if I detect something suspicious with my accounts?

You should contact the All Clear Identity Repair service identified in the letter. . You should also call your local police department or sheriff’s office and file a report of identity theft. Get a copy of the police report. You may need to give copies of the report to creditors.


Additional information and press releases on this subject are below.


Why does Fish and Game need your Social Security Number?

Idaho law requires Fish and Game to collect social security numbers from license applicants.

  • § Federal laws adopted in 1996 and 1997 (see 42 U.S. Code Section 666(a)(13)) require applicants for professional, occupational and recreational (such as hunting and fishing) licenses to provide their social security number the first time they purchase a license to aid child support enforcement authorities (sometimes referred to as "deadbeat parent" enforcement).
  • § Federal law required states who wanted to receive federal funds for the federal welfare program to also adopt the requirement for collecting social security numbers for state licensing programs. Through action of the legislation and the Governor in 1998/1999, Idaho chose to continue participating in the federal welfare program by passing state law for requiring social security number collection for professional, occupational, and recreational licenses. This law is found in Idaho Code Section 73-122.