Big Game Scouting Series, Part 1: Using F&G resources to research and select a hunting unit

Figuring out where to hunt is one of the biggest hurdles new hunters face, and Idaho Fish and Game has produced a three-part video tutorial to help guide hunters through the process of finding a place to hunt big game. The series will be featured on Fish and Game's recently-launched website,, which contains a wealth of information for hunters.

The first video of the series starts at square-one: how to use Fish and Game resources and data to select a hunting unit for deer and elk in Idaho; how to find and understand the rules, regulations and seasons for the unit or zone you choose; and how to use the Idaho Hunt Planner to identify public land access, roads, and trails in your unit.

The second video, "Using powerful and free online mapping services to narrow your search for a hunting spot," was released on Aug. 24,  and takes a deeper dive into using digital maps to identify deer and elk habitat, and how to narrow your scouting search in a particular unit to specific areas. Follow the link or visit to watch the second video. The third video will be released in the coming weeks, and will cover how to ground-truth your digital scouting in the field.


big game hunting, scouting, deer, elk
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Photo by Roger Phillips/Idaho Fish and Game

big game hunting, scouting, deer, elk