Explore Idaho’s Wildlife Management Areas

Idaho’s abundant wildlife populations and scenic landscapes have outdoor enthusiasts seeking opportunities to hunt, fish, view wildlife, and enjoy the outdoors.

Idaho’s Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) provide something for everyone - both for wildlife and people. They create habitat and security for game and nongame species, and offer outdoor recreational opportunities for hunters, anglers and trappers, as well as horseback riders, hikers, photographers, and bird watchers.

Market Lake WMA
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Idaho Fish and Game

Idaho Fish and Game operates 31 WMAs, ranging from 275 to 85,000 acres around the state, and each provides a unique experience. From forests and wetlands in the Panhandle, to rocky canyons and dry uplands in southern Idaho, to grasslands and sagebrush steppe in southeast Idaho, there are plenty of things to see and do at a WMA.  

Mud Lake WMA
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Idaho Fish and Game

Visit a WMA

To plan your next adventure at a WMA, use Fish and Game’s newly launched webpages to learn more about each WMA and its main attractions and recreational activities. You’ll also find maps and information about seasonal closures and contact information.

Volunteer at a WMA

Many habitat restoration projects are made possible with the help of volunteers. If you are interested in habitat projects, contact a Fish and Game regional office and talk to the WMA manager or biologist.

Tex Creek WMA elk in winter
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