2019 Magic Valley Region WMA Pheasant Stocking Schedule

Game farm pheasants are released per schedule in the table below.

The actual number of pheasants released per week may differ from the planned number; differences are due to weather conditions and / or other unforeseen circumstances.

Pheasants are released multiple times per week on several of the Wildlife Management Areas throughout the pheasant hunting season - indicated by multiple sets of numbers in the release column.

In 2019, 2,224 total pheasants are planned to be stock in the Magic Valley Region.


Weekly stocking forecast for four Magic Valley Region WMAs
Week of:

Niagara Springs WMA

Location: 7 miles south of Wendell

September 29 100
October 13 0/166
October 20 100/100
October 27 100/100
November 3 100/100
November 10 100/100
November 17 100/100
November 24 100/100
December 1 100/100
December 8 100/100
December 15 100/100
December 22 79/79

flushing pheasant_14a2.jpeg
Creative Commons Licence
Roger Phillips/Idaho Fish and Game

Pheasant at Fort Boise Wildlife Management Area, Southwest Region