Moose Creek Reservoir water level

Idaho Fish and Game will be lowering water levels on Moose Creek Reservoir over the next few weeks. The purpose of this project is to reduce the amount of aquatic vegetation that occurs in the reservoir. This will improve fishing and boating opportunities next year. The draw down works by exposing aquatic vegetation that is growing in shallow water and allowing it to freeze over winter. The vegetation that freezes will die and reduce the amount of vegetation that grows the following year. “We chose this technique over other methods of vegetation control such as herbicides because it has a much lower cost, and it allows us to avoid spraying chemicals into the reservoir every year” says IDFG biologist Robert Hand. Moose Creek Reservoir will be approximately 6’ lower than normal this winter, but will be refilled by spring runoff. IDFG encourages people to use extra caution this winter when walking on docks and exposed shoreline, but notes that this will not affect angler’s ability to ice fish when conditions are safe.

If you have any questions feel free to call Idaho Fish and Game at 208-799-5010.

For more information on ice fishing safety, go to:

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