Hunters are reminded to stop at check stations

Check stations are a great way for Fish and Game staff to talk to hundreds of hunters, and hunters should feel free to ask questions, or make suggestions about season changes. Our goal is to get the data we need, answer your questions, and get you on your way quickly.

Here are a few reminders to make your check station visit pleasant, quick and efficient: 

If you have harvested game: F&G staff will want to look at the animal, and your license and tag. It will save you and them time if the animal is easily accessible. It takes a few minutes to collect all the data we need, so feel free to shut off your vehicle and step out to stretch your legs.

Many check stations are “management stations” where the main goal is to collect data from harvested animals. However, we also pay attention to any rule violations we might see.

Here are some common mistakes to avoid:

  • Failure to keep evidence of sex. Even in either-sex hunts,  the head or other evidence of sex needs to be naturally attached to the carcass until you get it home. In hunts with point restrictions, the antlers must accompany the carcass.
  • Failure to properly validate your tag. Make sure the notches for the correct day and month are fully removed from your tag immediately after you harvest the animal. The tag must be attached to the largest part of the carcass. 
  • If your tag is faded, write in the month and date and cut two notches, which will legally validate it. People at check stations are aware of faded tags and know how to deal with them. 
  • Failure to have a proxy statement, which in 2018 was issued with your tag. If you’re transporting game for someone else, you must have a proxy statement. Proxy statements were issued with your tag in 2018. 

Details on these rules, and others, can be found on page 100 in the Big Game Seasons and Rules book

Please use caution when pulling into and out of a check station. Keep an eye out for hunters and staff walking around the station, and be careful if you are pulling out onto a busy highway.

Good luck, and enjoy your hunting season!

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