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Idaho Fish and Game

Dead Wildlife


One common call we receive at Idaho Department of Fish and Game is about dead wildlife. Several times per week, we receive reports of dead deer, foxes, elk, or even bears. Often, the caller requests that IDFG staff come out to move or remove the carcass. Sometimes, people become frustrated when the carcass is not removed immediately.

Since we receive a lot of “calls for service” at IDFG, we need to prioritize these. Dead wildlife that are causing a hazard on a highway or other main road generally are a high priority. We often work with state or local road departments to move these off to the side of road, and try to coordinate this response pretty quickly.

IDFG may be able to assist with dead wildlife found in yards, driveways, golf courses, or parks, but sometimes cannot get to these quickly because of other, higher priority calls. Poaching reports, efforts to assist injured wildlife, or needs to accomplish time-sensitive data collection may delay us by a couple of days. Furthermore,  most staff members spend time out of contact doing field work, so some days it’s hard to reach the appropriate person for assistance.

In the meantime, keep in mind that it is quite acceptable for residents to move or remove the animal. We often recommend that people move small animals themselves: these can be easily bagged and put in the trash. Larger animals are harder to deal with, but can be dragged into nearby woods or loaded into a truck bed for transport. Moving the animal yourself is often the best option if you find the sight or smell of a carcass very troubling, but staff cannot respond right away.

If you suspect the animal was killed illegally, or observe a bullet or arrow wound, please leave the animal as you found it and contact the local IDFG or Sheriff’s office.

Call the Nampa (465-8465) or McCall (634-8137) office of Idaho Department of Fish and Game if you have any questions.