Henrys Lake Ice Fishing Update

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Idaho Fish and Game

Another week of ice fishing and another Henrys Lake report. Overall this week the angling effort was down substantially. The 30 mph winds on Friday and the minus 15 temperatures on Saturday may have had something to do with that. Most of the effort was concentrated near Staley Springs or the hatchery area. The road to the State Park is still being accessed by some, but is not advisable. The road to the Cliffs is no longer accessible.

Catch rates over the weekend were in the fair range. Catch rates during the week were better and fell in the good range, although some anglers were doing well and others not so much. The early morning bite still seems best. 82% of the fish caught during the week were released and 83% were released on the weekend. We didn’t see as many large fish this week. Some anglers reported catching quite a few fish in the 1- 2 pound range. Only a few Brook Trout were reported this week.

Part of the fun with ice angling is watching the fish. Quite a few anglers reported their frustration watching fish swim by and ignore their offerings. But it spurs on many anglers knowing what they may catch. If those stories are accurate, the next Brook Trout C&R record is just a matter of time. With only 2 weeks of the season left, it’s time to give Henrys Lake a try if you haven’t done so.