Video: Moose on the Loose in Lewiston

Regional wildlife biologists captured a moose on the loose in Lewiston early Monday morning. The call came in at 8 a.m. on Preston and 8th Street that a young bull moose was roaming through the neighborhood.

Biologists shot the moose with a sedative and loaded him into the trailer. “It only take a few minutes for the animals to go down,” explained Jen Bruns, regional conservation educator for IDFG. “The reversal drug is administered before they transport the animal so that by the time they arrive to the release site the animal is alert and ready to roam freely."

The moose was relocated several miles outside the city limits, Bruns said.

While it's unusual for a moose to be in Lewiston, it's common for Fish and Game to relocate moose and other large wildlife that wander into towns and neighborhoods. 

Moose in Lewiston
Creative Commons Licence
Clay Hayes