International Effort Detects Wolverine

Last January MBI partners Andrea Kortello (Seepanee Ecological Consulting-British Columbia Ministry of the Environment) and Lacy Robinson (Idaho Fish and Game) headed to the field with cameras loaned by Lydia Allen (Idaho Panhandle National Forest) to set up bait stations just a few miles north of the Idaho-British Columbia border. Andrea checked the staions about a month later to find the martens and flying squirrels we typically find at bait stations in our study area. Andrea went back again a few days ago to take the set down and got photos and nice hair samples from this wolverine. With about 90 cameras on bait staions this winter...this is the first MBI camera to document a wolverine in 2013. Bait stations on both sides of the border are an important component of efforts to document trans-boundary movements of this species.  There are still a few bait stations coming down this season so stay tuned for updates on any more detections of rare species.