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Press Releases and Articles

Helicopter flights to survey big game near Salmon and Challis are underway

| idfg-mdemick

Idaho Fish and Game staff in early December took to the air to get a closer look at deer numbers, including several low-level helicopter surveys planned in the Salmon and Challis areas.  The purpose is to gather abundance and herd composition information that helps game managers understand population numbers and… more

Upper Salmon River Steelhead Update - 12/05/2023

| idfg-bbeller

Hi everyone, this is the Upper Salmon River steelhead fishing report for December 5th, 2023. The data for this report was collected between Monday, November 27th and Sunday, December 3rd. 

Cold temperatures and winter storms made for tough fishing over the past week on the Upper Salmon River. Angler effort… more

Steelhead Habitat Restoration in the Potlatch River: Part 1- Introduction to Stream Restoration

| idfg-jbruns

The Potlatch River basin in north-central Idaho is home to an endangered population of wild steelhead. Due to a variety of factors, including historic land use practices, wild steelhead numbers in the Potlatch River have been declining. Idaho Fish and Game and partner organizations have been conducting a large-scale… more

Fish and Game completes fish surveys following quagga mussel treatment

| idfg-tthompson

Quagga mussels, an invasive species capable of causing harm to waterways, fish populations and fisheries, were found in the Snake River near Twin Falls by the Idaho Department of Agriculture in September 2023. Immediately afterwards, Idaho Fish and Game assisted the Department of Agriculture in their evaluation of… more

Raise the Steaks: 5 tips and styles for processing your deer and elk meat a new way

| idfg-cliess

It’s hard to beat a well-prepped, perfectly cooked steak – especially after all the time and effort you spent hauling it out of the mountains. But other methods of preparation can be just as satisfying. All it takes is a little bit of work and some kitchen ingenuity. 

Now, if you’re as devout a steak snob… more

Evening Lecture Series-Wild Horse Management

| idfg-sfocht

The MK Nature Center's evening lecture series for adults will host the last lecture for 2023 on December 5th. Sam Mattise, retired BLM employee will discuss how horses live in Idaho, their impact on habitat and their management. This lecture is free and open to the public, and designed for adults. Join us from 6:30-8… more

'Why can nonresidents buy tags on Dec. 1?' That question and more answered.

| idfg-rphillips

Hunters have asked Fish and Game staff a number of questions about the nonresident tag sale, including residents asking about the timing of the sale. 

Here’s a quick explanation:

Why do nonresidents buy tags on Dec. 1? 

The Dec. 1 sale date is to allow nonresidents more time to plan their… more

Snapshots of deer migration over the new Highway 21 overpass

| idfg-bpearson

Fish and Game cameras have been capturing photos of deer migrating over the new Cervidae Peak Wildlife Overpass on Highway 21 in Southwest Idaho. 

Cameras have been in place for just a few weeks, but are already showing use of the overpass. Here are some shots from those cameras from a few days in November… more

Hunters using e-bikes are reminded to be aware of motor vehicle use restrictions on public lands

| idfg-bpearson

Idaho Fish and Game’s Conservation Officers are noticing a trend of hunters running afoul of motor vehicle use restrictions on public lands by using e-bikes and incorrectly assuming motorized vehicle restrictions do not apply to them.

No matter how you slice it, e-bikes are motorized vehicles in Idaho – whether… more

Anglers are reminded to turn in Lake Pend Oreille fishing logbooks by Dec. 10 for a chance to win prizes and swag

| idfg-tjross

If you are a fisherman participating in the angler science program on Lake Pend Oreille, thank you for investing time and energy into helping Idaho Fish and Game. Information collected by anglers will help Fish and Game manage the trophy rainbow trout fishery.

Resident licenses, tags and permits will be temporarily unavailable on Dec. 1

| idfg-rphillips

Sales of Idaho resident Fish and Game licenses, tags and permits will be temporarily unavailable on Dec. 1 due to anticipated high volumes of sales of nonresident deer and elk tags. 

Residents needing a license, tag or permit should plan to buy them before or after Dec. 1. High demand for nonresident deer… more

Upper Salmon River Steelhead Update - 11/28/2023

| idfg-bbeller

Hi everyone, this is the Upper Salmon River steelhead fishing report for November 28th, 2023. The data for this report was collected between Monday, November 20th and Sunday, November 26th. 

Steelhead angler effort dropped considerably during the past week on the Upper Salmon River. The decline was… more

Important dates to help plan your December

| idfg-cliess

From tags sales to season openers, there’s a lot happening in Idaho during December that you should be aware of. Staying in the loop can be the difference between applying for that coveted controlled hunt tag and watching from the sidelines.

Be sure to stay up to date on all Fish and Game happenings. Here are… more

Statewide trout stocking highlights for December 2023

| idfg-cliess

Many of Idaho’s lakes and ponds are soon going to be bolstered with Idaho Fish and Game stocking roughly 7,000 catchable-sized rainbow trout this December. Wondering if the stocking trucks are going to be backing up to your favorite fishing hole? We asked our Fish and Game hatchery staff to boil down some of the most… more

Never let the sun set on a dirty firearm

| idfg-cliess

Another season in the books. You and your trusty firearm spent countless hours roaming the mountain slopes and drainages that Idaho is known for and likely in all kinds of weather.

For all the times your firearm’s had your back (literally), now is the point in the year when you have its back. Whether you… more

Third and final wave of steelhead will be stocked in the Boise River

| idfg-cliess

The third wave of steelhead will be stocked in the Boise River on Monday, Nov. 27. This will be the final batch for the year and will consist of approximately 130 fish, meaning about 25 steelhead will be released at each site.

Glenwood Bridge Americana Bridge Below the Broadway Avenue Bridge behind Boise State… more

F&G Commission approves temporary antler gathering closure for Upper Snake and Southeast Regions

| idfg-rphillips

The Idaho Fish and Game Commission recently set an antler gathering closure starting Jan. 1, 2024 and running through April 14, 2024 in the Upper Snake and Southeast Regions. The closure will only take place on public land, and activities other than antler hunting will not be affected. 

The closure is… more