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Idaho Fish and Game

Southeast Region Winter Feeding Advisory Committee Meeting


Date:                 Tuesday, March 21, 2023- 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Address:           Idaho Fish and Game Southeast Region Office
                         1345 Barton Road, Pocatello, ID

Call-in Number:  208-236-1281

Members of the Southeast Region Winter Feeding Advisory Committee (WFAC) will meet to assist Idaho Fish and Game with the assessment of winter conditions and big game animal behavior (movements, depredations, activity on roadways) in the Southeast Region.   Discussion will also include current feeding efforts in the region and identifying upcoming actions.

The committee is made up of four local citizens from around the region whose input helps to inform Fish and Game’s winter-feeding decisions.

Committee members meet several times each winter as they monitor local weather, wildlife distribution and landscape conditions. Committee members also serve as sounding boards for citizens in their communities and communicate with Fish and Game staff on a regular basis.

Members of the public are invited to attend the meeting in person or call-in, but please note that meeting rules do not allow for the public to provide comment or ask questions during the meeting.  The public is welcome to provide comments to the WFAC members or to the Idaho Fish and Game anytime before the meeting convenes.

Follow this link to learn more about winter feeding in Idaho.


Meeting Agenda for March 21, 2023


 Please note that any members of the public who have called in are welcome to listen to the discussions and official business of the WFAC.  However, members of the public are not allowed to provide input or ask questions anytime during this meeting per rules guiding the official business of the WFAC.  That being said, members of the public have been providing comments via phone calls, emails, and texts to both Fish and Game staff and committee members prior to this meeting for everyone’s consideration.

 As a friendly reminder, WFAC members and staff are asked to please identify themselves before speaking.

 WFAC Chair David Priestley—Call for any changes to the agenda.

 Report on winter feeding efforts being conducted so far— IDFG staff.

 Discussion of winter conditions and other observations by area—WFAC and IDFG.

 Discussion of action items.

 Any other issues?  Questions from WFAC or IDFG?

 Schedule next meeting.

●  Adjourn.

For more information contact the Southeast Region at (208) 232-4703.